January 14, 2010

Good Changes

When we lived in California, most of my friends (98% ish) were from church. It was fun and almost necessary in order to feel a part of our mega ward. Here in Maine, our ward is super spread out and though I'm friendly with a lot of the folks there, we're just not that close geographically. I like it!

We still hang out with friends on Sundays, we have playdates, and book clubs, but now it feels more like the community at large, not just our Verano/church friends.

And the newest coolest folks I've met are a group of women who exercise 5x a week every morning. Sadie leads us in boxing, yoga, and pilates on alternating days. Between her and the gym at school I might lose some of this awful trying to get pregnant weight I gained while I was doing fertility treatments.

I'm trying to get in good enough shape that I can compete in some sort of 10k or mini triathlon. I've been encouraging Jesse to start training for an Iron Man. You know he could do it. He said that if he ran a marathon or participated in an Iron Man, I'd have to do something as well. I think I will!


  1. Do it! It sounds fun. I did a mini triathlon. I really liked the swimming and the biking. The running was by far the hardest part for me.

  2. I like spread out wards too, not that I don't wish that we had more LDS families living close to us.

    I've been exercising everyday at the gym. I take a book while I run on the treadmill. I call it placebo exercise because I don't even break a sweat. BUT...it's a nice break from the kids and it feels good.

    For real exercise I've been going to Zumba classes, or as Christian calls it "ethnocised aerobics." whatever it's totaly fun and a mega workout.

    Jesse could totally do an iron man. You guys should do it together.

    I thought that post-pregnancy weight was the worst but post-fertility treatment weight sans-baby sounds way worse. what a drag.


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