February 19, 2010

My Funny Valentine

I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day. I do love getting flowers, but when you live in the frozen north, it just feels weird to see color in February. Brown, white, and blue are the only colors in nature right now. Spring feels a long way off.

Luckily, Jesse's not so great at Valentine's Day either (or Ben and Yuki, or Enoch and Amy which was a relief since we were all together). The past two years we've had a special candle lit dinner for the girls. But this year we celebrated my mom's birthday. Which was special since it was her 7-0.

So this year there were no flowers or chocolates, or even cards (I meant it when I said we really blew it!). But I had my awesome husband helping me, centering me, reassuring me amidst the fun and chaos that comes with a big group of people, a couple of big events, and a trip to the er. I think it was the best Valentine's Day yet.


  1. I don't like all the hype about V-day either. I love that you had a day with family where your husband showed his love for you in the way he helped you and supported you.

    So fun to have extended family not so far away!

  2. Love the post and pic. Wish we could have been there with all mentioned. For Valentine's Day I bought Danny some chocolates from Trader Joe's a week before and showed them to him. Then on the day Gio was the only one who remembered to say "Happy Valentine's Day."

  3. Nice post. I love your valentine too. Glad he comes through.

  4. touching story. truly. love the photo portrait of wonderful jesse in blue and black. thank you. and happy belated valentine's day anyway.

  5. i've always said i'd rather have a good husband all the time than a thoughtful husband once a year... well not always, but now that's what i say.


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