February 14, 2010

Recent Crafting

I've been finishing some projects this past month. Some of them began over 5 years ago, so it was time for them to come to an end.

This sweater is the second I've crocheted. Gwyn loves it and tells everyone that I made it. She's pretty cute.

This quilt has been in the works since G was in utero. I finished it in time for Miriam's baptism.
I also made a new primary bag for myself and a little tote for Mim. Gwyn's going to get the next one.

Miriam wants a neck warmer and I'd like to make another sweater since they make me feel super crafty. Since the baby sweaters are so much faster to make than the big kid ones, I think I'll make more for the babies.


  1. I love that sweater. I can crochet a hot pad and that's it. Great job.
    I have lots of just started projects I need to finish as well, maybe I'll have to get them out and finish them.

  2. I love the sweater too, such a nice color and design.

  3. I'm loving purples right now. (It's a february thing.) Glad to be hearing from youse guys. pam

  4. Gwynn is looking like she is maybe going to look all grown up. i hope you'll some west sometime. happy birthday tutu kay!

  5. that sweater is awesome!!! and gwyn is super adorable! we love her!
    i love that quilt, girl you are talented!!
    i have some projects that i need to finish too, you have inspired me!

  6. Cute sweater. Doesn't it feel great to finish projects that have been sitting around for so long?

  7. Danny couldn't believe that was Gwyn. He kept saying, "Is that Gwynie? No that's not Gwyn." She's getting so big.


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