March 31, 2010

I'm not sure how the NY family is doing, but we've pretty much missed all the impressive weather this year. We did get rain, but no significant flooding by us. We missed all the snowstorms and windstorms. The rain is getting pretty annoying. It's cold. I keep remembering why I went to Hawaii for school. The kids are like wound up jack-in-the-boxes. They may pop any second. They don't care where we move to, as long as it has a yard.

We are looking forward to a warm Saturday. We'll try to hit an Easter egg hunt or two, but J might convince the girls to go kayaking. Or he might not. He has 3 interviews to prepare for. Yay! Wish him luck!


  1. Oh yay! Good luck to J! And I hope you have some sun this weekend.

  2. Good luck Jesse. Hope you get something awesome. Is Boston still in the mix?

    and good luck Bekah with the girls.

  3. I should clarify, these are three campus visits, not just phone interviews. Jesse is a wanted man on the one year, non-tenure track circuit!

  4. Oh boy, three? You'll do great, Jesse! If one of them is the right one, I hope you feel it with all your heart. :)
    And hope you all have a warm Saturday for Easter. Happy Easter!


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