March 29, 2010


My kids love FHE (said "fuh"). They look forward to family night. They even love being in charge. I insist on regular FHE mostly out of guilt for giving my mom a hard time every time she tried to institute it.

We rely heavily on the Friend magazine and the GAK (also known as fuh-in-a-box). The semi-annual awards ceremony is also a big hit. Last time G got a crown from Jesse that said "boardgame queen". She wore it to school the next day. Way cute.
This week in honor of the Easter holiday, we dyed eggs while griping at each other for bumping the table, spilling dye, and messing up our creations. All in all, a classic FHE.


  1. i love the easter eggs! edible art!

  2. sounds fun. good job! i love dyeing eggs and really anything festive!


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