March 2, 2010

In My Pretty Garden

A shot J took Sunday morning. Early. His ride comes at 6:15. I don't know if this is our last snow, but this morning I did see the daffodils poking up maybe an inch. I bought a big bag of bulbs last fall and planted them in front of our house. I've loved spring flowers since our first spring in Utah when we realized that the previous owners had planted hundreds of tulips in front of our house. I thought it might be nice to give the next occupants a similar gift. Maybe this will be my "Bekah Wuz Here" tag I leave until we settle somewhere.


  1. I love tulips and daffodils too. I can't wait until I have a place to plant some. You'll have to post some pictures when they bloom.

  2. do you guys have to move out when his job is over?

    I hope you get to stay at least to see your flowers.


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