March 4, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

I love the days that reaffirm the my decision to stay at home with the kids. I mean, they really don't care that I cook most of their meals from scratch, chauffeur them to school and activities, go to the pta meetings, and scour the internet for apartments, schools, dance and gymnastics classes in the city we may move to.

But here's what they do care about.

The Mermaid's school celebrated Dr. Suess's birthday this week with pajama day, class color day, and Wacky Wednesday. She specified that her hair-do on such a special occasion include a bun, braids, and ponytails. I am proud to say that I accomplished all three. We tried to get her to go a little wackier on her clothing choices, but she was cool with just the hair. Problem is, her little sister didn't get in on the fun this year and keeps asking me if it's Wednesday and can I do her hair like Mermaid's?


  1. so cute. i can't get over how much the girls have grown even in the last almost year since we saw you guys. i am sure that even if your girls don't appreciate all the work you do for them now, they will someday. and i'm sure J appreciates it now. we're praying for you. hope you figure out where you'll be moving soon (and it's a place that you don't mind moving to).

  2. That is absolutely AWESOME! the only thing i miss about public school!


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