May 15, 2010

I Like My Birthdays

I thought my birthday would be low key. I mean, 34 is not something to go crazy about. It's not 30, not 40, not even a nice 5 divisible 35.

But with a 5 year old Monkey around, no birthday can go unnoticed. I mean, this is it for the family until December. She bugged me and harrassed me to get decorations, party favors, balloons, and a present. So off to the dollar store for balloons, even those cool punch ones I loved as a kid. I pulled out the birthday streamer my mom made, and voila, instant birthday.G woke us up in the morning to make me breakfast. Supposedly, she let me sleep in. She has a fabulous stage whisper that could wake the dead. The best part is that she keeps bringing it up as if she did this great big favor for me. It has taken all my mommy willpower to just smile and agree that she did let me sleep in, and I am very grateful.

G did help me make my birthday cupcakes, the strawberry Sprinkles recipe from Martha Stewart. They were super yummiferous. (And so no one gives J a hard time, I totally wanted to make those cupcakes myself. I only have so many opportunities to perfect my mad baking skilz.)
The kids had a school dance that night where I boogied. A room full of concrete thinkers can't imagine dancing unless there are directions. The dance floor emptied on "Beat It" but filled for the Bunny Hop. Weird. There were some scary sixth grade girls who looked like they were 20. Yikes!

J and I ended the night catching up on some 30 Rock.

Birthdays are Fun! I'm glad I had some little peeps to remind me.


  1. Looks very fun. We really miss having you guys in Irvine. I like birthdays too. I like mine a lot more now that I don't have any expectations.

  2. Those cupcakes are FABULOUS. I will have to check out that recipe.
    I hope you guys have been watching Modern Family-- we can have an across-ocean mental-connection along with the 30 million other people who watch that show. :)
    I love hearing about Gwyn's stage whisper.
    I don't know. 34 sounds so much better than 40. Even though they both have 4's. Right?

  3. i said this on j's blog, but happy birthday again! also those cupcakes look awesome.

  4. Yea! Happy Birthday! I'm glad your girls helped you have a great one. Those cupcakes really do look delicious, you need to link the recipe.

  5. Happy Birthday Bekah!! I'm loving your birthday streamers from your mom. I remember you showing them to me before and I loved them then. I think 34 is a good number. Enjoy it! You're younger than me.

  6. ella's 6th bday is coming up on a sunday. we're planning a big neigborhood party on saturday to combine bdays but she is totally against celebrating her birthday on any other day. she says she's going to hide in her room during the party.
    birthdays ARE a big deal at that age, huh.
    happy bday to you! i love your tiedye apron. very cool.

  7. You're so cute Bekah. Those cupcakes look delish. I have a hard time making anything with strawberries. As soon as I buy a box or even a flat they are gone so fast. Bring the recipe when you come over for the summer and lets make it.

    p.s. please pencil my b-day in on G's calendar. I'll fly her out.

  8. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like it was a great one.:-)


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