May 16, 2010

Uku, no Lele

I spent my birthday eve crossing one of those bridges into parenthood. You know how you have to live through colic and blowouts, ER visits and ear infections to really join the club? You also have to endure lice.

The mermaid woke up Thursday complaining about having to go to school. "I'll get ready for school as soon as my head stops itching!"
One quick look and there were eggs aplenty. Even a novice delouser could spot them.
"It's your lucky day! You don't have to go to school."
J didn't quite believe me, so he googled lice images. Mistake. Blegh! How was I supposed to eat breakfast after that?
I was going to clean the house (luckily for me, J took care of that. The place looks awesome.)
But instead, I bonded with my 8 year old as I picked through her hair for two hours. And then I bonded with my husband as we realized we both had them, too.
And I washed 8+ loads of laundry. On super hot. I hope my clothes didn't shrink too much.
The best part was the next day when I took M to school. The nurse had to check her head before she could come back. Then she checked mine for me. Awesome.

thanks to Da for that Anti-Lice shampoo freebie win. When we first got it, we thought "what are we going to do with this stuff?" Um. Use it.


  1. Chris, Enzo, and I all got lice a while back. It was miserable. We thought we were through and then it would come back and then we thought we were through and then it came back until we finally bought the expensive metal comb (like, $5.99 instead of $1.99) and then we were through.

    I hope they don't lice come back.

    I was also like "what the heck am I going to do with this stuff" but I am stashing it for when we move back to the tropics because I know we'll get lice at least a couple of times when we're down there.

  2. Yikes! That sounds like no fun at all. I was lucky enough to skip that as a child, but I have had the thought "what if my kids get lice." That's crazy you and J got it too. I'm glad you got it taken care of.

  3. "at least a couple times", I like that quote Da. we get lice like every 6 months down here. Everyone but me! maybe cuz my hair is so short. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if Ella starts scratching tomorrow.

  4. yes, i am in this club (as an auntie). During one of the outbreaks, mimi and i both got it. kaiser gave me their secret advice to use an over the counter product but to ignore the package directions and leave it on all night instead of for like an hour. it did work, though. hope you're done!


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