July 5, 2010

Indiana, Where People Are SO Nice

Our trip to Indiana was. . . not bad. I mean, moving is never a dreamy proposition. And we had tons of help from our friends in Maine (where people are also SO Nice.)

We're wondering if we can put the ticket I got for driving on the Merritt Parkway in the moving truck under our moving expenses. (FYI, a moving truck IS a commercial vehicle. In NY, they know that idjits like me exist, so the signs only allow passenger vehicles.)

Indiana is full of Really Nice People. The kids were enchanted. So many people giving them so much candy. We found a place to live. YEAH! 10 month lease. YEAH! No dishwasher. Booo. Backyard. Yeah! And Mermaid made it into the GT program. Yeah!

We spent 72 hours in Indiana. Accomplished everything we needed to. I think we're going to like it there. (and people continue to be so nice. they're letting us crash at their house while we wait for our house to open up.)

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