July 20, 2010

A little update

I'm supposed to be helping J cut boards for shelves in my mom's garage. Every year he comes, he takes it upon himself to organize the garage. And every year, he makes it a little bit better. Instead of complaining that he's bored (that's my job), he MAKES work for himself. How can you not love the guy?

The Palmer family reunion to Yosemite was funtastic. I'll try to add some pictures, but I'm scared of my mom's pc. J's laptop died, so we are w/o our own computer until mid-August. Just writing that makes me want to run to the Mac store and buy something.

The kids are in cousin heaven. It is so fun to see them play, interact, negotiate.

And now I'm going to help my husband help my mom. Table saws make me nervous.


  1. you make things fun. not boring when your family is here. jesse is a good "doer" for sure, but you are too and are a great team, in my opinion.

  2. Hi Bekah.
    Glad you guys made it up safely in the car. Enjoy Oregon and say hi to Pete and your mom for me.

  3. i love hearing about jesse's good works. you guys are a great team. love and miss you, pam


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