August 7, 2010

Here We Are

Hot. Humid. Cicadas. Walking/Biking distance to...everything. Yummy cheap fresh produce. Sweet watermelons.


We are here. Not in our house. So it's not home, yet. We live near the college and downtown where the library, dance class, and the farmer's market all reside. Plus a yummy looking mexican restaurant that even Jesse was tempted by.

I can't wait to get more settled. Unpacked. In our own home. But for now, it's good. Blessed. Hot.


  1. cool. you make it sounds so fun. i wish i was there with you guys. it's freezing cold here (usual).

    that's so awesome that you guys can bike everywhere. as soon as you're done unpacking let me know. i have some stuffs i want to send you guys. i won't send it now or else you'll hate me for having more junk to unpack.

    love you.

  2. sounds great. i can't wait to see some pictures. i just watched Breaking Away on Netflix. it is filmed in indiana in 1979 and it made me wonder what indiana looks like today.

  3. I am so interested to hear about things there. Indiana was our the other option we were considering for grad school. Sounds pretty nice.

  4. So where are you living if not in your house? Or do you mean you are renting, but you will own one soon?
    You do make it sound really nice. I hope you have yummy nectarines and peaches there because I'm getting tired of eating flavorless ones here in Hawaii! Enjoy some of those mainlandy fruits for me. :) And I'll try to enjoy some mango or papaya for you!

  5. Our doesn't open up until next week. We're staying at some kind ward members' home while they're on vacation.

    And we are eating peaches aplenty. Oh yum!


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