August 4, 2010

My Dolly's House

You know how sometimes you get a gift for your kids, and it really ends up to be for you. And your husband. To work on for months. Then finish. Take pictures. Then box it up. The kids actually love it and play with it a ton.


  1. This is awesome. You guys really made this? You should go into business and I'm reserving the first one, even if it's ridiculously expensive.

  2. can't wait to show suzelle. she's here but gone to bed.

  3. that is amazing bekah!!!
    ive been wanting to build a dollhouse but i dont know how or where to start!
    how did you make this?
    its so beautiful!!

  4. The actual house doesn't cost too much. Maybe 60 for this big one. Putting it together is a biti of a challenge. but not too bad. J collected birch bark for the outside of the house, cleaned and flattened it, then glued it to the side. The kids helped him find sticks that he used for the railings and decorative siding. We used washi for some of the wall paper. Painted some of the rooms. the roof uses the sticks from these decorative brooms we got at the dollar store. The stones are from the dollar store as well, mudded on with grout from lowe's. the shells are also from the dollar store. We used lots of glue sticks to tack it all together.

    And if we do make one for you, mighty, it will cost a bundle because they are so labor intensive! It works better as a labor of love


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