September 15, 2010


I'm not big on buying toys. The kids have plenty (too many). But every time they are at their friends' houses, they're attracted to Legos. But being cheap has its drawbacks. As in, we've never bought Legos. Always putting it off for a birthday or a holiday. So yesterday was the kids lucky day. For absolutely no reason at all, I put the Legos in the cart, cringed only slightly when I checked out, and let the kids at them today. They have been building nonstop all afternoon.

I love the sound of hands stirring the Lego pot, looking for just the right piece. I love how Mermaid is following the directions exactly, to build each structure. I love how Monkey plays with the finished projects. I love how the kids are ready to spend their own money on more. I love a really worthwhile toy. I also love getting special presents now, when there isn't a holiday attached. With Christmas coming up, I tend to give the kids everything that I've wanted to give them for the last year. Now we can spend more time celebrating together, and less thinking about presents.


  1. I'm the same way. That's a good point about less focus on presents at Christmas.

  2. I love legos! I'm sure I drive my kids crazy when I try to join them on a build. They are the best toy ever, imho.

  3. Gio is a little obsessed with Legos at this point. He builds in all his spare time. We have spent a small fortune on the things. We also bought all of these organizing drawers. So fun.

  4. agree, legos are the best. Enzo loves his little collection. I buy in small quantities whenever I go to Toys Y Us to buy diapers.

    You're so lucky your kids can play with it without the hazard of having another small person trying to swallow all the lego people's heads.

  5. You know, my kids weren't into them when they were really little. We had some duplos that we got rid of because of the zero playtime they got. I love the bright colors the girl set comes in. Also, it comes with a girl character (J says they all look like transvestites). There is a builder set that is made of all bright colors. Its just blocks, but I think that may be our next purchase.


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