September 8, 2010

What Do You Do?

I know you've all been dying to know what I do while the kids are at school. It's the first time in a very long time where for hours on end, no one wants anything of me. So here's what I do...

I visit Susie, Rhoda, and friends at the BMV. I've been there three or four times so far and have at least one more visit scheduled. They are so nice, considering they work for the state government. This time, when I bring 2 proofs of address (not just one), and my passport, and my social security card, they're going to give me a shiny new driver's license (ok, so I'll have to pay like $40 bucks for it, but whatever.)

I tidy up my home, removing cigarette butts, smoke stained windows, and still smoky carpet stink. Also, this house does not like organization. I'm not sure why, but we're having issues.

I grocery shop without anyone whining. Except me. Now that I'm by myself, I realize that I can only shop for about 20 minutes longer than when I'm with the kids. I get bored, tired, hungry, and irritated that I can't find what I'm looking for. I do get out of the car faster, but that's about it.

I do laundry. I actually wash, dry, fold, and put away laundry in one sitting. This is different.

I listen to MY music. No kid krap. I pull out the heavy guns. German Lieder, Elly Ameling, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau. I also sing a bit. Some day, I'm gonna blow everyone away with my Erlkonig. I should really work on my French. It's pretty bad.

I exercise while listening to the Dianne Ream show. This is probably the most pathetic work out. But so informative. If I don't want to listen, I watch Antiques Roadshow while I work out.

My lunch buddy shows up around 12:30 every day. We talk. Eat left overs. He gets a little sore if I forget to tell him I won't be there. It's pretty cute.

Tomorrow, I'm going to go through pictures and order some for the girls' scrapbooks. Take a first load to Goodwill. Take a trip to Ladoga for some fresh butchered meat. And think some more about organizing the room that resists organization.

I'll make a trip to Indy sometime soon. Wish you could come.


  1. Bekah, do you love it or hate it? Are you bored or totally content? That's what I really want to know.

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  3. Hm. Good question. I'll get totally bored after Christmas. But right about then, I'll have to start packing up the caravan again. And then I'll be busy again.

    I love taking two hours to work out. I go on a run, then lift weights, stretch, sit ups and push ups, then a little yoga. It's a lazy long work out, but it's fun, too. (trust me, I'm not losing any weight, though)

    In answer to your question, I am usually somewhere on the continuum between bored and totally content. Sometimes I hit one of the two extremes.

    I've had a hard time finding my niche in the middle of so many moves. It's pretty easy to get lost in so many transitions. Mostly, I've found that my job is to keep it all together right now. The stress level is pretty high around the house. Not just J's new job, but the kids' new schools as well, homework, projects, tantrums, behavior problems...I'd be bored if I didn't know my family needed me so much. I'd probably feel unfulfilled, except that my family and marriage are probably better than they've ever been.

  4. Moving is super stressful. Life is super stressful. Isn't it amazing how our family and marriage can be so fulfilling during hard hard times? I remember adoring Christian when I was finishing up my Master's thesis and I definitely feel like I'm a better mom now that i have 2 kids instead of just one and way way way less time to give them individually.

    I'm glad you're enjoying your life, where you're at, what ever it is that you're doing. I know that it's way more about attitude than circumstance.

    I'm really enjoying your blog, love your writing and reflections and refreshing honesty.

    Say hi to the girls.

    oh and I love the Dianeeeee Reeeeehm show too. I'm totally missing NPR. Internet is slow for streaming.

  5. sounds like you're making the most of it. enjoy. people have a way of thinking of things for you to do if you let them--if you seem too free, so careful.


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