October 1, 2010

Apple Strike

I've been on apple strike today. I've walked past them several times, glared, then raised my nose in disgust. I am no slave to those apples. Even if my fingernails are dyed brown. Even if I've lost count of how much apple product I've canned this week.

I'm making sauce on Tuesday with my friend. A Lot of Apple Sauce. Because there are A Lot of Apples.

I'm beginning to hate apples.

1 comment:

  1. we did our apple sauce, but Bo did not cooperate. He wanted to be held the whole time and peeling and coring while holding a baby does not work. it took forever and we only did two batches. i guess i'll just have to buy applesauce from the store until my kid goes to school or at least learns to watch tv.


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