October 1, 2010

Pop! Goes the canning jar. So yesterday was my strike. Today I watched three hours of Hulu television while I cored/peeled/sliced with the new gadget. One bag of dried apples, one apple crisp, one quart and six pints of apple butter later...

I'm thinking about my friend at the New Yorker festival this weekend. I am so envious. I got my first New Yorker in 1994. It took me a year or two, but the advertisements for the festival made me itching to go. All those stories. All those authors. I can't wait to live vicariously through our friend. I can't wait to hear...everything.

So I admit. I've started. Wait for it. Writing again. Nothing huge right now. Just warming up. A few thoughts here and there worth keeping, but mostly drivel. I do believe there is a story or two inside me. All the quiet time with nothing but me and the apples helped me remember. Scary and exciting all at once.


  1. How fun Bekah, the apples, the writing , and the free time.

    Try not to get too sick of apples. One time I made 200 meatballs. We ate 10 and froze the rest. Then we ate 10 more. Then I was done and left them in the freezer for too long until the remaining 180 went to the trash.

  2. Yay! I hope you post some--or at least send it to me. :)


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