October 18, 2010

Childrens Museum

It's a little photo, but I'm trying to learn how to use Lightroom and haven't figured out how to export a full size picture.  Gotta love all this free time at night.  Really, I hate it.  These are shots from the Childrens Museum of Indianapolis.  My favorite exhibit had a rotating reclining couch that looked up at all of these blown glass shapes. Visual candy.


  1. here is me giving unsolicited advice...

    click export and then change the format on the window to jpeg and save it small. You only need about 640px for the web anyway.

    or better yet use http://www.picnik.com/app

    but then you have to shoot in jpeg for picnik but it's so easy to edit.


    the children's museum in indianopolis was amazing when I went there in 1994 which as a gazzilion years ago so it's probably even better now.

  2. Thanks. I think I found the box I needed to unclick on the export and I'm good to go. More to come on the museum. I was amazed!


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