October 15, 2010

To Jesse

Perhaps a random assortment of photos, but just a few of the ways that Jesse is so wonderful. Washes (and expertly stacks) dishes, insists on purchasing houseplants (even if we're only in a house a few months), Lego extraordinaire. I'm so lucky. Best of luck on your interview. We love you.


  1. Good luck Jesse!

    bring us back some kiwi berry.

  2. inspiring work. we appreciate the things you have done to make things better here. you and bekah. hope things go well in nz. karen and mimi

  3. Good luck, Jesse! If you want to bring back some L & P soda, I can find a home for it!

  4. how sweet! i love the posts you adore jesse in, you guys are so perfect for each other!
    good luck with the interview!!! how exciting!

  5. I'm praying for you, for whatever that's worth. And love you too. Hope you get what you want. Let us know how it goes.


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