October 28, 2010

Halloween in Theory

 I have a little theory about Halloween and towns.  The more economically depressed the town, the more ecstatic they get about Halloween.  They spend more money on costumes, decorations, and candy than say, Irvine.  I think one reason is that there is no social stigma in a small town for turning your front lawn into a graveyard with skeletons emerging from the ground.  Or having evil demon like wraiths floating in front of your front door (there are two of these in the neighborhood).
I'm not complaining or judging.  If anything, I'm enjoying myself a little too much.   I must say that Indiana takes the cake (or the candy corn).  We have had to turn down several party invitations because they conflict, or it's really just too many for one week.  Oh, and since it's a small Christian town, trick or treating will be on Saturday night, not Sunday.  Cool, huh?

I bought a schmaltzy Cleopatra costume from Target.  Jesse doesn't want to match me.  Oh well.  The kids were instructed to make use of the costume bin and the dollar store.  I believe there will be lots of wings, makeup and glow sticks involved in their dress up.  Can't wait to post pictures! 

So do you LOVE Halloween?  How do you celebrate without it getting too gruesome?


  1. i LOVE Halloween!!
    i wish our town celebrated on saturday instead >:(
    all the utah mormons were complaining about that too, lol!
    we put a little graveyard in our plot of dirt right outside our new downstairs apt!! did i tell you about that?
    and in the entryway the ceiling is covered in spiderwebs with a big hairy spider in the middle of it!
    on the table i have a spiderweb basket filled with pumpkins, black lanterns and candle around the living room and fake black roses in our vases! almost everything is from the 99c store!! ♥
    We are all dressing as Harry Potter characters! im going as mcgonagall, shane is snape, nephi is harry, emmalily is hermione, elijah is draco, and willow will be ginny!
    ohm did i mention that im hand making almost everything for all our costumes? yes, i know i am insane.

  2. Sarah, You are my favorite Halloweenie! Have a great time this Sat/Sun!

  3. I totally agree with your theory. Funny how that works, uh? And you'd think our area with such a high Christian population would trick or treat on Saturday, but it doesn't look like it. So we're planning to take treats Sunday night to the neighbors instead of asking for them :)


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