October 28, 2010

Leaves are Falling

Did you think of us when you heard about that awful storm on Tuesday?  Did you think, "I hope Bekah's not riding her bike home from the gym while a tornado watch is in effect and her kids are hunkered down in the hallway of their school."

Mermaid suggested that a television might be a wise investment so that we can be on top of local news such as tornado watches, etc.  I think that it might have been nice if one of the guys at the gym would have mentioned that we were under a tornado watch and maybe I should just stay put for a little bit.

Of course we are all fine and dandy.  We're still not buying a television.  But here are a few leaves that are still stuck to their trees, even after 45 mph gusts that didn't knock me off my bike either.  How is fall treating you in your neck of the woods?


  1. I did not know there was a tornado watch, because I don't have a television either.
    Laie is kind of the ultimate telephone game, because it does seem like we find out about weather things pretty quickly. Luckily.
    I still worry that we're going to have a tsunami when Jake's out surfing.

  2. I was stuck in a Tornado watch once in Ohio for 3 days. Well, there was a tornado. It sucked the tree right out of the house I was staying in. I actually saw the tornado and it was the scariest thing I have ever seen.

    I'm glad you guys are o.k.

    Fall is treating us great. Fall is our summer. We're getting beautiful heat waves. Pretty soon it will start raining like mad and be super coldy all over again.

  3. Sheesh! I have to say that the weather didn't seem that bad. Just windy and rainy. But I forgot about us living in Tornado Alley. We get junk weather in Oregon, Hawaii, and Maine, but I've never seen a really huge storm like you did, Da.

    I was always scared of Jesse getting caught in a tsunami, too.

  4. 85 degrees today! I was going to bake some squash and make homemade apple sauce. Maybe we'll have salad and popcicles instead.


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