October 25, 2010

My First Le Creuset

Trader Buck's flea market.  Does it need an explanation?  Just imagine an indoor flea market with tons of booths, lots of junk, and a few decent finds.  Like this beauty.  Le Creuset enameled cast iron casserole pan a little chipped on one side, so just seven bucks.  I made some mac and cheese in it, but just thought that some puffy pancakes would be awesome since the pan would get super hot and give the pancakes a nice crunch on the bottom.  Hmm.  I will report on that later. 


  1. I think the real story is about Trader Bucks. I can't believe I haven't been yet. It's run by a family and I hear that the occasional family sniping is a part of the whole shopping experience there. It's like Marden's in Maine, but even less professional.

  2. no, no, no. you're thinking of Larssons, the clothing store. The one I got the jacket from that I didn't try on because it was so rinky dink inside I was afraid to remove any clothing on the premises. Also, a great post.


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