October 26, 2010

Unappreciated vs Reviled. Hmm. Hard choice.

I wouldn't call it a cooking kick, exactly.  More like I'm thinking about cooking some new dishes.  I'm thinking, "hey.  I like to eat.  I like good food.  I like to cook.  This could be fun." 

Then I start looking at cookbooks.  Jesse bought me Quick Vegetarian Pleasures because he so adores meat free meals.  Small problem.  The family acts indignant if I put pasta in front of them, the kids hate potatoes, and vegetables are only good for rearranging on their plate.  I have found two recipes that may pass muster.  One for enchiladas (everyone will complain it's too spicy. wimps.)  And another for vegetable couscous, which Jesse will like but the kids will detest. 

And now I remember why I don't cook.  I am completely unappreciated when I do and even more reviled when I don't.  Who wants cold cereal tonight?


  1. if you don't mind cold cereal I would say "go for it"

    The reason why I cook so much is because I like to eat good food. always.

    as for the fam they just have to eat what I cook. enzo would probably be stoked if I stopped cooking so much. he'd be perfectly happy eating cold cereal for every meal.

    Cook for yourself. Make what you like. They're big enough, if they need to they can make a PB&J.

  2. Lol! My philosophy exactly, Damaris. I figure they'll eat just about anything if they're hungry enough. We also use meals they don't like as 'missionary practice'. The rules are they have to eat it politely (no rude comments or faces) and say "thank you for the meal". They don't have to say they liked it, just be polite. It's made mealtime much more pleasant! And we do have cereal for dinner every so often.

  3. Part of the joy of cooking for me is sharing it with my peeps. Family, friends, neighbors...So when my main audience (the fam) gets hostile, it's a bummer. I should probably share with the neighbor more. She seems more appreciative!

    I made the enchiladas and J and I loved them. The kids were ambivalent, but firm that they were not eating it the next day.

    And I have to add that my kids are able to starve themselves and then time it perfectly to ask for a snack when I'm distracted so they can eat something less than healthy.

  4. man, who doesnt do cereal for dinner at least once in a while? that was the best when i was a kid!
    i have even done pancakes or waffles with eggs and bacon for dinner, i LOVE breakfast foods!

    i feel exactly the same way about cooking. i love to cook and i love certain foods, but the fam doesnt have the same taste as i do!! you cant please everybody, or anybody, really...

  5. I also love cooking for a crowd, maybe that's way I love pot lucks so much because someone is bound to like it. I have found that when Enzo helps me cook he is more likely to at least try it out. Maybe M and G can look at cook books with you and pick out recipes. I don't know, not that you asked for my opinion so I should probably stop here.

    Alberta's suggestion is golden. I will definitely try out the 'missionary practice' meals. We have these friends that work with migrant communities and refugees. Their kids eat everything. They are always eating at refugees' homes and so they've forced their kids to be super polite and eat whatever is in front of them. I love having them over for dinner.

  6. amen, bekah. if ephraim's not around, i don't cook. the kids are cute, but aren't worth the time and dishes. so we do easy pleasers. if i make a real meal, i end up eating it until i'm sick of it and don't want to make it again!
    i'm so happy that ephraim appreciates just about anything i make.

  7. Indignant about pasta?
    Make dinner for yourself and they can eat cold cereal.

  8. I love your cooking. If you come live with us, I will sooooooo appreciate your meals. Mmmmmm.


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