October 13, 2010

Shades, etc

Did I mention that the apples are gone? We made applesauce out of the last 50 lbs, (6 gallons) with our friends last weekend. I left most of it with them. The kids keep asking to bring more home, but refuse to eat what we have. Go figure.

We also went on a little walkie in SHADES OF DEATH State Park. Well, it's just called Shades these days...but with Halloween coming up, it's so fun to go somewhere with Death in the name.

Jesse is getting ready for his interview. I'm so supportive, I've actually offered to iron and starch his shirts. It's going to be a long six days with him gone. Hopefully, I can keep it all together. I bet the kids are hoping the same thing. I bet they're also banking on Mommy getting overwhelmed just enough to take them to McD's.

In other news, Mermaid has learned the joys of shopping online at Amahzon. Emphasis on the mah. She reads the reviews to let us know that "these dolls come highly recommended." She's been so computer illiterate, that it's good she's learning to navigate a little better online. But she wants a debit card.

Also, Monkey now takes books to "read" on the bus. She read Winnie the Pooh last week. Our discussion of the book was enlightening on my part. "I get confused with what's going on sometimes because I skip the words I don't know." That would be anything but three letter words, fyi. One of the kids next to her wanted her to prove that she can't read by reading out loud. She said, "I don't know how to read out loud, yet!" (with an implied "duh!") She finished Winne the Pooh and has moved onto another book. I'm afraid that I won't believe her when she does learn to read.

How's your week going?

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