November 17, 2010


I am so proud of this girl.  I want to be like her when I grow up.  Even more, I want her to stay this resilient and amazing forever.

Someone at school says mean things to her.  She says "I am not that way!  You are wrong!" 
Someone at school writes a mean note.  She says, "That made me feel sad.  But I'm not fat.  Actually, I'm quite skinny.  I'm not ugly.  I'm pretty cute.  I'm not mean.  I can be bossy.  But not mean."
I say, "You are slightly above average in regards to your height.  So technically,  you could be considered big for your age."
We giggle.
She says, "I suppose you're right!"

And I'm so proud of the kids in her class.
One says, "She is nice and pretty.  Whoever wrote that note is wrong."
A Quiet One says, "Here is my phone number.  Let's play this Saturday."
A Boy says to a girl, "You have the same color paper!  I think you wrote that note!"
Mermaid says, "Please don't argue about the note.  It doesn't bother me anymore."

I spent today worrying about Mermaid.  But I won't anymore.  At least, not about this.  She is a Mermaid in the middle of a cornfield.  But she can swim anywhere.


  1. I hope this made you do cartwheels, yea for parents who teach their kids to be strong, or at least who don't mess up the strength of kids that came to them that way. What a great kid!

  2. wow. good job miriam. you are right about everything you said. kids don't come any cuter or smarter than you.

  3. Wow, what a strong Mermaid you have.
    You must be so proud.

  4. That is so neat. She obviously has a mom that has set a good example for her. That's like the best you could hope for when you send them off to school. I hope my girls are like that

  5. Wow. Can she teach lessons? I loved, loved, loved that post.

  6. Thank you all for your sweet comments. I can't take much credit for how Miriam reacts to adversity, but I'm glad I get to be around to watch her grow up. And thank you to all of you, because you've each had a part in her growing up. xoxo

  7. Miriam is awesome, pretty skinny, actually pretty cute, and not mean!! I agree. She is so strong too. Good job Mims.


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