November 18, 2010

Holiday Decorating

Garnet Hill crocheted advent calendar
Moving so often makes holiday decorating a little difficult.  I've squashed all holiday cheer, except for Christmas.  I'm limited to one box of decorations.  But if I could have two, here's what would be inside.
A sweet creche
Mini felted stockings from Etsy
Vibrant non-traditional holiday wreath


  1. i LOVE that wreath!
    I love decorating! I really want to hand make more of my decor, i usually just buy cheap stuff from the 99 c only store or dollar tree.

  2. Those are cute. I always think of your awesome advent from last year. You've got such a good eye for things.

  3. Those stockings are super cute.
    I am not sure if I have any christmas stuff, period. We have about 3 ornaments that my mom has sent me over the last 3 years, but Amaya destroys them (she insists they are her toys and I guess I don't take them away).

  4. I love anything made with felt. Makes me happy. How are you? Mike and I just recently went to Hawaii for the first time. We were on the big Island. I was thinking of your family the whole time. Hope you are doing well.

  5. I'm thinking of making that wreath, too! It just makes me so happy! Mariko, start with a little people creche if you're dying to decorate, and lights, of course. Britt-Marie, don't you want to crochet me another advent calendar?! Emma, I hope Hawaii was fabulous for you guys.


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