November 12, 2010

Christmasy Excitement

Are you thinking about Christmas?  Is it just me?

Jesse wants us to send cards this year.  Really send them.  (And the two boxes of Christmas cards, unsent, unwritten, from the previous two years means we're only out postage!)

I want to create beautiful, thoughtful, memorable gifts for family.

I've already made my neighbor gifts, well, the hard part.  I'll give out apple butter, pomegranate jelly, and apple preserves with some home baked good. 

I also have the two birthdays to think of.  The Monkey turns 6 Dec. 29, and The Daddy's b-day is Jan 1.

And how will I help Santa stuff stockings?  I always like to add a thing or two, something especially special that he may not have time to find.

Why is it that this year, I'm utterly thrilled, stress free, and excited for the holidays?  Could it be that they are far away?  And that I'm not hosting?

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  1. Can we start playing Christmas music yet? This is my favorite time of year!

  2. I know what I want, and it's on craigslist. How frugal! (For only $750).

  3. I'm really bad about Christmas. Especially now. I'd be ok with skipping it this year.
    Pomegranate JELLY did you say?

    Can I be your neighbor?


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