November 10, 2010

Dinner for You, and You, and You

Some Pyrex I picked up at the antiques store for dinner delivery.  Might as well look nice, eh?
How do I get so lucky?  A friend of mine asked if I wanted to be part of a dinner co-op.  Um.  YES!  Here's how it works.
-One person cooks enough food for all three families once a week.
-The dinners should be healthy.
-Dessert is optional.
-Dinner is delivered by 5:30.

I love it!  Once a week I get to spend hours planning and preparing.  Twice a week I get amazing meals delivered to my front door.

Our group is working really well for a couple of reasons.  We're all quasi vegetarians.  Our families are about the same size.  No one is afraid of quinoa, kale, arugula, etc.  My kids are by far the pickiest eaters of the bunch, but nothing has totally flopped.  I love that they are trying new foods.  I also love that if they don't love it, I'm not that put out because either I didn't make it or if I did, someone else will eat it.

Have you ever been part of a dinner co-op?  Would you try it with some friends?  What would you make for your day?


  1. I've totally been thinking about doing this. How awesome that you found someone to do it with. It sounds like you guys are doing fancy stuff, I was just thinking to do whatever I usually make- just x3. What do you make with kale? I've only put that in my smoothie.

  2. i read about some dinner co-ops in the nytimes and loved the idea! if we were still in chgo, i'd definitely be part of one.

  3. I'd make the Carrot-Mushroom-Barley Stew we had for dinner tonight. Easy, vegetarian, and it has kale! ;) Oh, and it's delicious!!


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