November 2, 2010

TeleQuest Graham Phone

I found this lovely piece of design at the Goodwill last week.  We just need a land line and a few cords and we're set.  I love how the numbers are in two rows.  I hope it works!

I'm a big fan of corded, non electric phones.  Because sometimes it's great just to sit down in one place and talk on the phone. 

My original thought was to sell it on ebay, but I'm smitten.  And I can't find a comparable, just on this Japanese website from the Space Age Design Museum

Is it just me that loves thriftstore design?


  1. I'm giving you an award for that find. SWEET!

  2. The phone is awesome. I just learned that if there's an emergency, you can plug in a non-working land line phone and it will dial only to 9-1-1.

  3. Um, when you get tired of it, send it my way. :)

  4. i bought one today in black at a goodwill store for 6 bucks!!! luv luv!! it sits perfect on your shoulder so you can use your hands, the design is so feels quality made,,,you dont have to crook your neck to keep it in place, so glad i found it!!


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