December 2, 2010

Presents for Jesse (for the next two years)

Merry Christmas Jesse!  Happy Birthday Jesse!  Merry Christmas 2011 Jesse!  Happy Birthday 2012 Jesse!

This is the first of the two kayaks he bought.  Ever so slowly, my irritation is healing.  (we already own two.  and we live in Indiana.)

But it's water under the kayak at this point.  He gets half the money back in the account within six months.  I don't buy him a gift for the next two years.  And we're good(ish).  

If you could have one present for the next 2 years, what would you choose?  Personally, I would get a super fancy sewing machine and an ipod touch.


  1. jesse's an animal! so you already own two and he just bought two more?

    A present for two years.....Melinda brought home these mott's brand mr. freezes that are super good. I could do with a two year supply.

  2. I'd probably go for an outdoor fireplace or a really nice grill.

    It sounds like you're due for something fabulous sometime soon, Rebekah!


  3. Do you want to hear my thoroughly reasonable, but mostly ineffectual defense. (Numbered even.)
    1. I did get a really good deal on both. So it's just like putting some of our money into kayak form, until we need it for something else.
    2. It's really all about quality family time. Folding kayak number one has generated some pretty awesome family time in Socal, Black Canyon, Deer Isle in Maine, etc. And blogs posts.
    3. Our kids are getting bigger and will need kayaks of their own soon enough. (Miriam was actually really excited that one might be for her.)
    4. Friends can come on kayak expeditions. I am thinking Red River Gorge in March, maybe the great lakes somewhere in the summer. Any takers?
    5. I am selling one older one that is not as desirable. (Bekah, I think you will be happy for the faster boat. Remember that time in Maine . . . )
    6. Plus, I've wanted them for a long time. And, to be completely honest, am kind of obsessed with them. They are very cool.
    7. And since I never get much for my birthday anyway . . .
    But, really Bekah is just awesome for putting up with it. Thanks, I love you more than all the folding kayaks in Canada.

  4. I like the goatee. I want to kayak the NaPali coast. Can you bring them to Hawaii and meet us there?

  5. I hope those don't count for my present for the next two christmases and birthdays too. These things have a way of getting lumped together. As long and I'm included. Reason #8 So Christian and I can Kayak the Pacific Coast Trail this summer, from Mexico to Canada, surfboards in tow.

  6. i really like the idea of money in kayak form.

  7. I would get a two year gym membership (my free pass runs out next month) or a really nice guitar, like a taylor or gibson...


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