December 16, 2010

Snow Delay!

Am I the only parent who wakes up in the morning praying for a snow day?  The kids love school, but I love it when they're home and we get to have FUN in the morning.  Not rush, rush, rush. 

On Monday we baked some gingerbread cookies.  Today we shoveled snow and started making the steps from our back deck into a ramp for sledding.  So dangerous.  So FUN!  At first I was kind of bummed that our driveway is so long.  But then I realized that it gave us a whole lot of snow to use for our sled run.  Jesse wants me to come work out with him at the pool, but I think my 1 1/2 hour shovel fest will work for today. 

How is winter treating you in your neck of the planet? 


  1. Cold! I wish my walls were thicker. And that the garage wasn't under my bedroom. Plus, no snow. My boys will be jealous of you.

  2. we got a few inches yesterday. i like waking up to the sound of tony shoveling. bo hasn't gotten the hang of playing in it quite yet. he accidentally sat in it the other day and was very confused/sad.


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