December 13, 2010

Teacher Gifts

We've done assorted gifts for teachers in previous years.  Or maybe we haven't done anything!  Yikes!

The girls have such amazing teachers this year, I really wanted to do something for them.  So I made these little lunch bags that I'll fill with a jar of preserves.  Even if your lunch is just pb&j, wouldn't it taste so much better in one of these?

I found the vinyl covered cloth very easy to work with.  I used scraps I had, and made a rectangle.  I first sewed on the binding, then cut the rectangle in half.  After sewing the sides and bottom together, I pinched the corners and sewed so that the bottom lays flat.  I've seen several patterns that have velcro closures, but decided to forgo.  It took me less than 30 minutes each, so not too time consuming.

Are you making gifts for teachers this year?  What will you do?

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