January 17, 2011

Stuff Conundrum

Are you like me?  Do you read *this article and get totally inspired to jettison all non essential items from your home?  (Hello three colanders.  At least one of you is leaving this week.)

But then on your shopping trip to Target where EVERYTHING is clearance priced you buy red sparkly shoes for the girls For Next Year.  Five of the same crafty toy for Future Birthday Gifts.  Two dolls your girls were coveting 4 years ago because they are on Clearance.  And a new pair of boots, also on Clearance.

 Is it just me that loves/hates stuff?  Where does thrifty end and hoarding begin?  

*Thanks for the link Da.


  1. I get that impulse occasionally, and I try to clear out things we don't use periodically. (Generally when we're moving.) But I somehow doubt I'll ever take my own jars and pillowcases to the grocery store. It was an interesting article though!

    I don't think it counts as hoarding until you *can't* get rid of things. Otherwise it's just stocking up.

  2. yes! that is me! we have a "ward swap" coming up, which will be good for getting rid of stuff, but as my husband always points out... "you just come home with different stuff anyway" so maybe it doesn't really help. haha although I like to think I limit myself to taking stuff I would have bought at the store anyway.

  3. Sorry I gave you a colander for Christmas. You can give it back if you want. I know the last thing I can give up in life is hoarding kitchen stuff. I'm resigned to the truth. I do however want to shop in bulk and have my whole kitchen organized beautifully with glass jars. I also really want to own only 7 shirts and 7 pants and maybe 3 skirts. I only really look good in a handful of outfits, why not just stop pretending like I need more clothes or that I'll star doing cute layers of shirts with tank tops (yeah, right). I am so excited to purge! but honestly I'll find a space for your unwanted colander.

  4. I am all for simplifying my life, but as someone who is pretty thrifty and often finds uses for random things I have around, its kind of hard to get rid of so many potentially useful things. Also, I have a lot of stuff I wouldn't mind getting rid of, but I don't just want to take it to goodwill. I want to give it to someone I know will appreciate it, which can be kind of hard.

  5. I think you're right Lilly. I can get rid of most of my stuff. There are a few things I still hoard.
    Britt-Marie, I got some sweet things at the ward swap that I use to this day.
    Da, I actually gave that colander to my bf from cali who coveted it.
    Jesse, I do appreciate wanting to give things to people who want them and need them. Sending them to Goodwill is hard because we do know how much of it does just get thrown away. Good stuff, too.


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