January 18, 2011



Jesse was inspired by my sister in law, Amy's closet.  Everything was neatly boxed and labeled.  He said the order of it made him happy.  He feels that way in Master Brooke's house, too.  She is very organized and good at getting rid of things she doesn't need.  

I decided to try and organize one of our chaotic places with see through storage bins.  This is stuff that would be in a linen closet if we had one.  I have a box for medicine, hair stuff, travel size, first aid, toothbrushes, and contact/glasses stuff.  The basket on top has lice stuff (remember last year?).  And the basket on the bottom has nail stuff.  

I'm surprised by what gets used the most.  It's not what I suspected.  The hair dryer gets a lot of use but no one is asking me for all the barrettes and rubber bands I put away.  They just use the 10 barrettes I left out.  Hm.  I'm in the medicine box almost every day for cold meds or ibuprofen (I have been sick, but I still feel like a junkie every time I open the box).  But no one has used a band aid in the last two weeks.  

This organizing-purging bug has bitten me big time.  I took 4 bags to Goodwill today and then found more things to purge from the kitchen.  Even I don't need 5 silicone spatulas.  Who knew?  I am officially down to 2 colanders.  But I looked at my bento making paraphernalia and promptly put it back on the shelf.  There are some things that you cart across an ocean and a continent and my bunny egg mold is one of them. 


  1. Yesterday I went through all my clothes and now I have two huge garbage bags full of clothes to donate. I'm supposed to take it to a Relief Society clothes swap next week but my clothes don't stand a chance next to Andrea, the designer for Down East Outfitters who has so many samples it's out of control (she's the one organizing the thing). Most likely I'll not only come back with my two bags full of clothes I don't want plus a bunch of clothes I decide I must have from the swap (mostly Andrea's pile, I'm sure), It's bad. But today I gave away most of our Christmas decorations to a happy Craigslist person.

    Honestly though, I really wish I had the means to send my clothes to Brazil. It would get used there for sure. I know it.

  2. Inspiring, Bekah. I have big plans to get some order in my space. I already admired you.


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