February 23, 2011

Gwyn's Valentine's Party

Little Gwyn made a sad face after Miriam's birthday and said "I've never had a friend party."
Jesse and I looked at each other and realized "she's right!"
Oh, what a sad first six years.  A December birthday has some major drawbacks.  No friends.  So sad.

This year we shook things up and had a Valentine's party for G and her friends.  A Friend Party!  Yay!
We started by making cards.  The girls were busy for 45 minutes.  They would not be budged. 

We played some games.  Pin the Nose on the Snowman got turned around and became Boring Horse to Fancy Unicorn. 

We decorated pink sugar bombs aka cupcakes. 

We had a little lunch of sandwiches, veggie tray, apples, and apple juice.  We sent the bombs home with the kids so very little sugar was eaten on our premises. 

This was the easiest party ever.  I loved that there were no gift bags, no gifts, just FUN.  I believe we may have started a new tradition! 


  1. Sounds like the absolute perfect party. I was traumatized from Enzo's birthday party last year where we had 200 people and 200 presents. I love having all the people I just can't deal with the presents. Lucky G.

    On another not your house is HUGE. Woah I'm so impressed you can fit 10 kids in your living room and there's still more room. What do you do will all the space?

  2. What a great fun event. I love everything about this party. It looks like it was a blast! Go Gwyn!

  3. We have said no presents before, but that kind of bums the kids out. One of Miriam's friends had a party at the pool and donations for Haiti. Very cool.

  4. We also said no presents before but most people still brought presents and then the ones that didn't e-mailed me later and told me they felt bad. Then I felt bad. I think this year I'm going to straight out ask people for money, to buy Enzo an ipad. I'm hoping people will think it's ridiculous and won't bring anything and if that doesn't work then Enzo will have an ipad and we can fill it up with books for him to take to Brazil.


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