March 2, 2011

Some Bad, Mostly Good.

The bad news....the job in Wisconsin didn't work out.

The good news....two phone interviews for this week.  And Jesse has put out quite a few more applications.  He's been working hard.  And there are sure to be more one year positions showing up in the next month or so.  Something is bound to work out. 

More good news.  We've been boiling our sap down and making the best maple syrup ever!  I've gotten one of my friends in on the boiling fun, so no sap is going to waste.  And I'm not overwhelmed on the days its flowing like crazy.  So far, I've made almost 5 pints.  I'm getting close to my goal of making one gallon of syrup. 

The downside to all this syrup production is that we haven't made pancakes to enjoy it with!  Silly us!


  1. Sad. Except maybe the one year appointment will bring you closer to this side of the states?

    Pure maple syrup from your own trees sounds fabulous. It was national pancake day (yesterday?) and that translates to "skip school to go to IHOP" day for high school students.

  2. Mmmmmmm.... I'm jealous. Do you think I could make syrup out of Japanese maple sap?

  3. Sorry that Wisconsin didn't work out. Realistically, though, I'm not sure your butter-sculpting skills were up to the challenge. Oh, and Yayyy maple syrup!

  4. bummer. we'll keep our fingers crossed for something else and maybe closer!


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