March 31, 2011

Love My Glasses

These are my new Warby Parker glasses.  I love how black glasses they look.  I also love that Warby Parker donates a pair of glasses for every pair purchased.
I got the Coltons in Revolver Black Crystal
 Every time I take my glasses off I worry about the little girl with no money for glasses.  She has such bad eyesight that if she could go to school, she wouldn't be able to see anything. 

So thanks Warby Parker for giving sight to someone in need.  It's one thing to be blind.  It's another to just need corrective lenses.


  1. Does this mean that now big glasses are in style. I was loving my small glasses because they're supposed to make you look younger.
    Maybe I don't need to worry. When I was waiting at AARP to get my taxes done, the ladies in the waiting room were talking about age. Then one of just point blank asked me how old I was. When I said 71 she said she thought I looked 58!

  2. That's cool that they give a pair to someone in need. I have a pair of TOMS shoes that operate on the same principle and whenever I wear them I not only feel stylish but like I'm making a tiny difference in this troubled world. You're glasses look great.


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