April 7, 2011

Spring Break

It's Spring Break!!!

The kids are home this week.  On Monday, I tried to do my usual Monday things.  Clean the kitchen, vacuum, laundry.  But those kids just got in the way!  They wanted to play!  So on Monday night, I realized that I had better make a plan for the week.  One with limited work and maximum FUN.  So we have had playdates galore, hiking with friends, and are planning a trip to the caves on Saturday.  Jesse took them to work today, which freed me up to finish the taxes!  Yay! 

We were thinking of going to Chicago and then to Appleton to look at houses, but with Jesse just back from his trip to Hawaii and me feeling a little overburdened solo parenting last week, it just sounded like a silly idea.  And since we really don't need to close on a house until July, there is no rush just yet.  We'll go up sometime next month and hopefully the home of our dreams will be available.  Or at least one we like enough to sink our savings into! (and that tax return)

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that idea of a house just is so exciting (maybe has something to do with this tiny apt).
    I'm glad you're having fun with the girls. I wish there were more places to hike here. I miss the mountains, but the beach is nice too. ;)


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