March 8, 2011


Life is getting exciting here in the midwest!  The sap is flowing, mystery bulbs are poking their heads out in the yard, and I changed my hair color from dark brown, to medium brown.  Ah!  Spring is in the air!

We sent Jesse on a spring break trip to see his brother in California.  Solo parenting has me falling on the couch at 8:30.  But pats on the back to me since we did have family night and we have been reading scriptures.  My entire goal this week:  Keep it together.  Anything accomplished is extra. 

And I'll finish with a fascinating conversation with Miriam on the walk to school last week.
"What does the Holy Ghost look like?"
I said that He is a spirit so doesn't have a body like ours.
"Well, you have to think about what his body looks like to think about what his spirit must look like.  I think the Holy Ghost is a girl."
"Hm.  I haven't heard that theory before."
"Why is the prophet always a boy."
"Well, historically there were women who were prophets."
"My teacher said that Miriam was a prophetess.  Have there ever been any women apostles?  I think that women and men should be equal.  Well, maybe five less than equal."
"Or five more."

PS, if you didn't know, we're Mormon.


  1. I love this. My favorite is the conversations with children. It's especially great when parents remember and tell.

  2. Cool. I like thinking of the Holy Ghost as a girl. Hey, are you raising a mormon feminist? :)

  3. Perhaps. It's pretty easy for me since all the women my girls love are powerfully self assured. They learn by what they see.


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