August 24, 2011

The Kids' Room

Finally took some pictures of the girls' room.  Jesse has been so handy downstairs in the basement.  He creates these amazing pieces out of very ordinary pieces of wood and not wood.  I've been redeemed for hauling around my loads of fabric.  The curtains are from 2 meters imported from Japan.  Three years ago.  The carpet is an Ikea as is find of years past. 

The best part about this room is how functional and roomy it is.  The kids actually play in it!  Yay!


  1. That's great! Don't you love seeing things come together?

  2. i love this!
    man its been a while since ive looked at all these blogs!
    people change so much! well, not the people themselves, but more their lives and surroundings. I cant believe how often you guys move around, you will be blessed for your patience, i can just tell!

    the house looks fabulous and i cant wait to see more pics!


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