September 30, 2007


Yesterday we went to a Matsuri (festival) in Ogikubo. Outside of the shrine , vendors were selling festival food and fun toys. Our kids were pretty bummed since we didn't get them anything.Dipped chocolate bananas with sprinkles
Some sort of game where you scoop out bouncy balls from a trough filled with water.
Ginger and little eggs.
fish on a stick anyone? In the middle is a bed of coals that slowly cooks the fish. Yum. (really, it's quite good)


  1. Oh yeah, there's always money in the banana stand. Looks like fun, I can imagine the girls were a little disappointed, though.

  2. i can make the banana sticks when you are coming over if you and your daughters want to. my daughter loves them too!

  3. I think you should take Fumika up on her offer. Learn how to make them and then show all of us.

    Tutu Kay

  4. I didn't know where to put, but people who check your blog would have the most interest that I know of.

    They both look the same, but not...
    Both of them are very, very short, but enjoy!


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