January 3, 2008

Red Bags

Spendy bag #1 Spendy bag #2

We live on such a ritzy street, that sometimes I just can't help myself and covet the wares in the stores. We have two luxury handbag stores and I was taken aback by a red bag in the window. I realized how much I didn't need a red handbag priced at 345000 yen ($3000 US), but how much I wanted one. Yikes. You must look at these though. Wouldn't it be FUN to have such a cool bag?

So I looked at Target.com and was impressed with their red bag offerings. For my stateside friends, do take a look. What a fun way to put some pop in your day. The el cheapos are below and cost from $13-$40 US. Not too bad.


  1. I love red bags. I especially like that darker one with the buckles. Yah.

  2. I like the Target ones better anyway. I guess I can't escape my cheap side. If i got one of the expensive ones for free I wouldn't complain. I could add another red bag to my collection of red things.


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