July 14, 2008

Sticky Summer

Summer is here. It's hot, sticky, and even J ran the AC during M's reading lessons. He's asking for popsicles.

And school is out on Friday. I know in the states everyone has been out for ages. But what do I do? I have to find a new pool for starters. And I have to pack, lest we forget move day is 3 weeks away.

So here's the plan:
*We have a 3-4 day trip planned for next week. Mountains. Hiking. Not camping. Should be good.
*Free AC at the Jidokan (children's center)-I can send M when she's bored. And G and I can play there, too.
*Trip to Costco for tortillas and Hokkaido softcreme. Seriously. That's all we're going to buy. AC on the train, bus and in the store. Softcreme is only 250 yen. Bargain. Jesse has bean burritos every day in August.
*G wants to go to the zoo again, to see if Ling Ling has been resurrected. She's "heard" that he's not dead anymore. Downside is that zoo does not have a/c, will be totally crowded, and seems miserable to me. Upside is that it's close to Nippori where I can get kirakira crocs for M and see if there's any new summer material.
*Invite ourselves over to other ex-pats homes where their company pays the electricity. Playdate anyone?


  1. Whoo-hoo! No, I'm not celebrating the fact that you're sweltering in Japan. I'm celebrating that you'll be back soon! Any more give-aways before you leave? I really want to win something!

  2. We also invite ourselves to people's houses. Especially friends that have AC.

    And G is the cutest little hiker I have EVER SEEN!

  3. Oooh, I wish Mr. Fuji's company had paid our electricity bill, that would have been nice.


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