September 18, 2008

Where have you gone, darling Bekah?

I have been:
-fixing my computer. Yes, an English/psychology/music major can fix her own computer without calling Adam! (It just needed to be cleaned, but I ended up rebooting OSX. Got a little carried away)Check out that fancy schmancy monitor and keyboard that J got through Craigslist. We feel so high class. We just need speakers so Miriam can listen to Faded Paper Figures, her favorite band. She's a bit of a groupie.
-catching up in my classes. After running around campus two days in a row, I am officially enrolled and have two assignments and two discussion boards to contribute to before we go to Santa Barbara tomorrow.
-ferrying kids on the extracycle.
-Missing Jesse while he was at a conference and visiting my dad and Joe, Leslie, kids, and Lance. Not fair.
-Welcoming Jesse home with a semi-immaculate home.
-Reading books one and two of Twilight. It's every teenagers dream, gorgeous boy, who has the maturity of a 100 year old man. Gee, that's every woman's dream. No offense, babe.

So that's where I've been. In bloglalaland. It's sort of like Bob Loblaw's Law blog, but not quite.

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