March 16, 2010


I feel so grown up. I filled out my first census form. Eighty years from now, my descendants will be wondering what the heck I was doing in Maine in 2010. How cool is that?


  1. Ha! Me too! Except not Maine.

    This is something I'm going to add to my list of things that mean you are a grown up. Good call, Bekah.

  2. Not necessarily "you" as in you, Bekah. Just "you" as in "one." It would be better said like this: "my list of things that indicate one has become a grown up."

    I'm going to post it soon. You'll see. :)

  3. i filled mine out too. it was exciting. and come to think of it, it did feel kinda grown up.

  4. Ha ha ha, thats awesome! i filled out my first one this year as well!


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