March 14, 2010

Stake Conference/Fiasco

We tried really hard to get to stake conference early.
Then I decided I should throw some stuff in the crackpot, and we were off late.
Then we got to Augusta and couldn't find the chapel. But we had our phone and called our friends for directions.
So we were late and sat in the back, where the sound system didn't work, so we couldn't really hear. But it looked like they were trying to remedy the problem.
Then the guys totally busted the sound system and no one could hear, especially those who were really late and in the very back.
And right before the rest hymn Mermaid says, "I can't hear anything."
You just noticed?
Fifteen minutes later J says "should we just go home?"
And I say, "um. um. um. I really want to go home, but I'd feel super lame."
And then the sound system started working and we could mostly hear what the speakers were saying. So we heard the last 25 minutes of stake conference.
And we ignored the gps on the way home and went on a really cool road that went by lots of lakes and dairy farms.
And that's Maine for ya'.

1 comment:

  1. That's the part I got in on--the really cool lakes and farms. I sat on the second row last week at stake conference so Mimi could hear. It did make the whole thing seem a lot more intimate than it usually does. (But we only had to walk across the street.)


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