March 21, 2010

The Week in Review

Monday: I was sick but still managed to volunteer in G's class for a half hour. Yay for Mondays.

Tuesday: The weather was awesome, so we stayed and played at the school for an hour! Sun! Warmth! Ok, it was only 60 degrees, but it felt heavenly.

Wednesday:The waves were good, so we spent the morning at the beach. G was ticked off that she missed lunch and recess. The kid adores school lunch. Blegh! J had fun and caught the wave of the day. I had fun, but would have had more fun if the kid I was with wasn't grouching about making her go to the beach. She's such a complainer. I wonder where she gets it from?

Thursday: Hm. I know we had gymnastics, but couldn't tell you much else.

Friday: Personal leave day for M. Some friends from church are moving, so she stayed home from school to have a play date. The kids had fun playing with bubbles outside and running in the grass on campus.

Saturday: Kayak adventure in Quahog bay! J is taking his Maine Island Trail membership seriously. Since the weather was cooperating, we pulled out the kayaks, our maps, MITA book, and explored Little Snow Island and Raspberry Island. Both have osprey nests on them, but they're still wintering somewhere else. We saw lots of geese on their way back north. My neck and shoulders are pretty sore since we paddled for 4 hours!

all the pictures are from the beach on Wednesday.

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  1. I love how you guys spend Saturdays! I pretty much am very jealous at how much fun you have! Ha ha, but I'm glad you had nice weather to be able to enjoy some outdoor activities!


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