March 5, 2010

Said and Heard

Monkey: "I don't get to see Mr. Paul much anymore."
Mermaid: "Mr. Paul your bus driver, or Mr. Paul the Janinator?"

Monkey to her friend this Wednesday: "Jawed, I know you and Justice are good fwiends, but you can't act all cwazy at chuwch. It weally bothews me."

Jesse: "I think you should be nicer to Monkey when she comes in our bed in the morning."
Me: "You mean how I'm trying not to totally lose it when she comes in and I'm still half asleep and she starts stroking my ears and face and rubbing her toes up and down my leg?"
Jesse: "oh."


  1. Mr. Paul, The Janinator! "I'll be back ... to clean up that mess!"

  2. I heard it! I heard Jesse's "oh" as I read it. So great. Miss you guys.


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