November 1, 2010

Hallowen 2010

Mermaid and Monkey had free access to the dress up box this year.  They also made some purchases at the dollar store.  I got a Cleopatra costume and spent an hour putting the make up on both Friday and Saturday.  It took an hour to take the stuff off, as well.  How do you do it you make up wearing people? 

We were invited to a pre-trick or treating party on Saturday.  I thought, "I'm usually so boring.  I'm going to dress up this year!  That will be fun!"  After the makeup and  Jesse's last minute ninja costume, we were late arriving.  Only to find a house full of people I've never met and not one adult in costume.  J quickly removed his mask and looked normal.  I was so uncomfortable I didn't know what to do.  I made an effort to dress down by taking off my headpiece, but I still had 1 hours worth of makeup around my eyes.  It's just hard to fit in when you're the queen of the Nile, y'know?
We had fun trick or treating on main street along with the rest of the town.  We brought over our extra candy to one of Jesse's colleauge's homes to give out, then made our way to another friend's home where all the adults were dressed up.  I could really get into Halloween here. 


  1. Made me laugh. You are lovely with or without the eye make-up.

  2. cute costumes. i was totally sick of my uncomfortable costume by the end of the halloween weekend.

  3. Cool costumes! I love that you dressed up. Good for you. I was thinking after halloween was over, I should have dressed up as Cleopatra. Maybe next year. And I hear ya about the makeup. I rarely spend even one minute applying just mascara. You looked pretty awesome though.

  4. you look so beautiful!
    and the girls are awesome!! i love mermaids cat princess? i dont know
    Nephi and Em really miss the girls!
    we should have them video chat sometime! especially so you can see how big and beautiful our little strawberry willow has gotten in the last year!
    glad you had a good halloween!!


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